Squeegee Pros doesn’t just clean and polish your gutters to keep your home looking beautiful (that’s just an added bonus)–gutter cleaning is necessary to protect your home from serious damage that can lead to expensive repairs.

 Gutters are an extremely important part of your roofing system and they were designed to collect the rain that lands on your roof and shoot it away from the foundation of your home. If your gutter is clogged it can’t do its job and this can lead to several problems, including:

1.  Gutter Damage

If gutter cleaning is ignored, gutters will become clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris which can weigh the gutters down and cause them to loosen or break away from your home.  Clogs can also lead to sitting water in your gutter which will eventually cause it to rust and break.  No one wants to shell out the money for a new gutter when it could have been easily avoided with a few gutter cleanings per year.

2.  Home Damage

Damage to your home is a serious issue that can occur when you don’t have clean gutters.  If the water can’t flow freely through your gutter it can overflow and seep through your roof.  This can create leaks that most commonly run down the walls of your home where the ceiling meets the walls.  If the water is not being pushed away from your home, it can also collect at your home’s foundation and seep into your basement.  Not only will this slowly destroy your foundation and create structural issues, the water in your home can create mold, which can be another expensive problem to fix.

3.  Ice Damming

When clogged gutters have water in them and that water freezes, this creates an “ice dam” which prevents water from flowing off of your roof (and can lead to some of the issues mentioned above).  It’s important to prepare for the winter months with the proper maintenance and a thorough gutter cleaning.   Charlotte, NC and other areas where it typically freezes at some point during the winter (sometimes as early as October) should make it a point to have clean gutters in the late fall. Though icicles forming on your home may make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland, they are actually a sign that your gutters are not working correctly.  Gutters were meant to prevent icicles from forming on your roof because they can cause damage to your shingles.  The weight from the ice can also rip your gutter right off your home.

4.  Critters

Clogged gutters can also look like a comfy spot to call home for a variety of insects including mosquitoes, wasps, ants and even squirrels and mice.  When these vermin build nests in your gutters the clogging issue can become even worse and they may eventually find their way into your home.  Unless you’re in the market for some new pets, that’s a good reason to have clean gutters!

Gutters should drain your roof, not your bank account!  Maintaining your gutters is much easier than dealing with the problems and expenses a clog can cause.  By the time you notice your gutter is clogged, it’s likely that damage has already occurred.
We recommend cleaning your gutters a minimum of twice per year.  Ideally, gutters should be cleaned in early fall and late fall, early winter and spring to prevent clogging.  This can vary depending on where you live and how many trees you have around your home.

We also suggest you hire professionals because of the risk involved in cleaning gutters.  Professionals can spot and take care of any gutter issues before they become a serious problem.  If you decide to do your gutter cleaning on your own, make sure to do it safely and have someone spotting your ladder at all times.

If you have any questions about gutter maintenance or would like to schedule a gutter cleaning, Charlotte, NC is home to the Squeegee Pros and we would be happy to serve you!

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