Christmas Light Installation Cost Charlotte NC

Christmas Light Installation Cost Charlotte, NC

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Usual Factors Affecting the Christmas Light Installation Cost

There are plenty of factors that would usually affect the Christmas light installation cost in Charlotte, NC. One of them is the size of the Christmas lights. If it is huge or you want to have them install plenty of Christmas lights all over the place then you would surely need to pay them a bit more. Don’t worry though because each penny of your money would be worth it when you expect them to do a great job. Besides, they won’t price their rates that high if they are not that confident in doing a great job with the task at hand. Another factor affecting the Christmas light installation cost would be the time they are booked. When it is peak season which means just a few days remaining before Christmas then you can expect their rates to skyrocket. After all, it means a lot of people are booking them at that time so they could pretty much be in demand. The rates won’t be the same when you decide to book a couple of months before Christmas which would actually be pretty smart.

One factor affecting the Christmas light installation cost is the experience of the company. If they feel like they’ve done tons of related tasks and they’ve been in the business for a number of years then they have all the reason to charge a bit high. However, if they are still new to the industry then they won’t charge that much. That is pretty reasonable since they know they have to work real hard so that their names could be mentioned with some of the top companies in the industry. They know they have a tall hill to climb and if they are really passionate about what they do then they would not mind working each day in order to get there.

Getting Pricing

Decoration lights for Christmas can be found in a wide variety of styles and come with a huge range of prices. In order to figure out what type or style of decoration fit your needs, part one is to figure out how much you want to spend.

You could get a string with 10 lights for $3 and they would last 8 hours each on high-medium power before needing to replace them. Or you could buy 200 lights on Amazon for about $10 and know that they will never burn out or die too quickly because of the quality.

Some local retailers can provide a great place to start for wholesale priced Christmas lights.

If you have a large order, find out if the company will offer discounts or commission-free sales. Keep in mind that larger quantities may also incur higher shipping costs and lead time due to heavy inventories on hand and the need for bulk packing of product. Remember, it’s always worth asking about these additional costs in advance so you are not surprised by them later in the game!

Christmas lights can cost from $1.99 up to $500 depending on the quality of Christmas lights you are purchasing. If you shop around and buy in bulk, these prices tend to even out, but it is important to know what you’re paying for when shopping for Christmas lights. These lights are usually sold in 50ft or 100ft sections.

Price Should Not Always be the Deciding Factor

You should hire a professional company to hang your Christmas lights, as it is not an easy task and requires some complex knowledge about wiring.

Always make sure the vendor you choose has liability and Workers Comp insurance and can provide references from previous jobs. Never allow any person into your home that has been escorted over by strangers, especially for work like this, because they could be scam artists looking for a chance to rob you in addition to being unsafe electricians.

Average Cost for Installation

Installation prices for Christmas lights can range significantly depending on how much you want to illuminate. Generally speaking the more lights, and/or the higher tensile strength of a set of cables, the more expensive installation will be.For instance, if someone just wants an add-on to their existing string of Christmas lights that are already on their tree in order become easier for holiday guests to follow from one side of the yard to another it would probably cost $300 or less because they’re not adding any new fixtures or wiring. However if someone wanted custom made light strands with dimmers and many strands (more than 50) then they might spend upwards of $1000.