How Do You Get Smudge Free Windows?

How Do You Get Smudge Free Windows?

The Best 5 Ways to Get Smudge Free Windows.

Streak-free windows are perfect windows. But no matter how hard you try, streak free windows remain beyond your hands.

That’s why some easy tips are given below. You can try these tips to have smudge free windows.

Here are a few action items to try yourself:

1) Use Microfiber Cloth

Many people use general clothes to wipe windows after cleaning. But, these clothes can make your windows smoky. But, microfiber can absorb even small particles of water quickly. Hence, wiping with microfiber can give you smudge free windows.

2) Clean Windows On Cloudy Days

Sunny days may not be a good time to clean your windows. Sun’s heat can dry up your cleaning solution or water quickly. As a result, you won’t get a chance to wipe your windows perfectly. Hence, cloudy days are good days to clean your windows.

3) Use Purified Water

You can use a good amount of purified water to wash your windows. Water that has been purified properly will not have and chemicals and no minerals. This process is done by eliminating all dirt, and leaving the water spot-free.  Hence, it leaves no spots after it gets dried. So, use purified water to clean and wash your windows.

4) Try To Wipe The Cleaner Quickly

You should wipe the cleaner on your windows quickly. If you keep the cleaner too long, then it may leave streaks. So, use the cleaner and wipe it quickly.

Apart from the above tips professionals use more tricks to keep your windows streak free. But, if you are cleaning your windows yourself, then you can follow the above tips. These tips can help you to get smudge-free windows.

5) Use a Professional Squeegee to Clean the Windows

Professional window cleaners use squeegees all day, every day to clean windows without streaks.  The key is learning how to do it properly.  Try watching a few YouTube Videos on how to clean windows and see if you can do it yourself!