Getting Tired of Cleaning Your Gutters? Try ProGuard!

Your rain gutters are an important part of your home’s preventative maintenance system, however sometimes they can become blocked by leaves, needles or debris. High quality and proven gutter guards can prevent debris from accumulating and help avoid the dangerous climb up a ladder to clean them out sometimes up to 3 times per year. If you don’t have gutter guards or covers, the following extensive and costly damages can occur around your property, all caused by uncontrolled rain water following the path of least resistance:

·      Siding and fascia board rot
·      Wet Basement
·      Foundation Repairs
·      Landscape Erosion
·      Interior Water Leaks
·      Gutter Sagging
·      Mold or Pests

That’s why Pro Guard Gutter Protection is so necessary in preventing the costly damage that could occur without protection installed and the potential savings with an investment in a high quality and dependable gutter product such as Pro Guard!


Pro Guards unique design handles a ton of rain water, Pro Guard is guaranteed for life never to clog. Install it once and be done. Continued inspection checkups are $75 per visit if needed and include replacing any Pro Guard sections as necessary at  cost. Pine needles WILL NOT stick into the product as the 50 micron width holes are too small. In fact, even shingle grit will not penetrate Pro Guard – only water will. It is the best product on the market for keeping out pine needles.

Pro Guard’s Pine Needle product is a combination of an expanded metal base that is topped with a stainless micro mesh screen for superior performance. The design is ideal for all homes and does not interfere with shingles. Does not penetrate the roof. The combination of the strength of the expanded metal and the performance of the mesh screen protects your gutters from Pine Needles, Maple Seeds, Oak Tassels, Ash Tree Quils and Small Debris. Excellent for all roofs, including: Slate, Asphalt, Shake, Flat, Tile, and Metal. Pro Guard Outperforms most products and is a great value. Designed to be low profile and virtually invisible. Some Pro Guard Features & Benefits Include:

·      Almost invisible
·      No end caps
·      Pops in and out (pressure fit) Won’t blow out!
·      Does not interfere with shingles (Read this again)
·      Fits Slate, Shake, Tile, Metal and Flat roofs also
·      No roof penetration
·      Covers entire gutterno debris gets in

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