As we round out the washing season, I would like to reflect back for a bit. We are extremely grateful for all the new customers we have acquired and we are certainly doing our best to to serve them. Our goal here is to build relationships with our customers and give them a worry free exterior cleaning service. We get asked a lot, “when is the best time to have our house washed?” I always tell them that our busiest time is May and then again in September, so it would seem most people opted to have their home washed in either the spring or fall.

Once again this year, we are wrapping up the season with quite a few house washes. As the weather gets cooler, other services are better off waiting till next spring. Roof cleaning does not work as well when temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s. Also, deck sealing should not be done when temperatures are dropping down below 40 degrees at night because it can jeopardize the curing process.

Concrete cleaning can still be done and we have even cleaned concrete in the dead of winter, but house washing is certainly one of the more popular services. Typically we can wash houses clear up to mid November or so depending on the weather. The cooler temperatures do not effect the results when cleaning vinyl. If needed we warm the water up a little and coupled with our contractor grade cleaners we are able to get your house just as clean in the late fall as we could in the spring or summer.

Rain does not really effect this type of service either. It obviously makes it a little more miserable to work in, but as long as it isn’t lighting and storming out, we are able to provide quality house washing services on rainy days. Wind can be a little tricky. Strong winds may cause more house wash soap to get on the neighbor’s house than on the one we are washing. Seriously though, it can be a lot more difficult to wash high area’s of your home on breezy days.

Normally, we just play the weather by ear. We have learned that looking ahead a week or so into the forecast is just not effective as it changes daily. I will check the weather 1-2 days ahead and make decisions based on that as to when and where we will wash. We always call our customers a day ahead of time to let them know when we are coming.

So with that said, we are definitely still performing house wash services and will for the next few weeks as long as the weather holds. If you feel like you’ve missed the 2010 schedule feel free to call, set up an estimate, and possibly get on the schedule for early spring. We do estimates all winter long to schedule for springtime. We thank all of you that used our services this year and we hope to see you again soon.