As we all know most maid services for your home or janitorial services for your business say, “We don’t do windows” and that is correct. There may be a few companies that they do but I WOULD NOT take them up on that offer.  Most maid or janitorial services do not have proper equipment or technique to clean windows effectively or efficiently.
I know everyone has heard the best way to clean windows is to use newspapers and vinegar.  This is a myth because the newspaper is not supposed to be printed on.  

How about the more commonly referred to Windex and paper towels? This leaves streaks 90 % of the time.  This also causes more harm than good because you are rubbing the existing dirt around on the glass and in turn causes the glass to scratch.  It will also cause static charge and attract more dirt.

You would not have a gardener clean your pool so why have a janitorial service clean your windows?

A professional window cleaner will have the proper equipment to clean the windows in your home or business and not cause any harm while prolonging the life of your windows and also the frames, tracks, and sills. The professional window cleaning crew would be focused on one job and have the skills to clean any shape or size window thoroughly without worry to the homeowner. A professional window cleaner will provide cleanliness and precision. 

So why choose someone that is a “Jack of All Trades” when you can have a Professional Squeegee Pro Technician arrive and get the job done right.  Call our office today 704-799-0313 opt 1 for residential and opt 2 for commercial or email us directly at for an estimate.

Christina Burgin,
President Squeegee Pros, Inc.