Although there are numerous ways to reduce window water spotting, there are 2 key things that any homeowner can do to reduce window damage and lessen the need for window cleaning.

Rearrange the Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems use either well water or city water.  Both of these sources contain minerals or additives that will spot and etch windows.  These minerals can be so corrosive that over time they can change the molecular structure of the glass.  Once this occurs the only option for the homeowner is to replace the window.

We use a process that can usuallty “restore” the window close to a brand new appearance for windows that are not badly damaged, the process is more expensive than regular glass cleaning and the additional cost can be easily prevented by making sure that sprinkler
water doesn’t hit the windows.

Don’t Clean Windows with a Garden Hose

Using a garden hose reduces window dirt and grim from exterior windows but the “cure” can be worse that the illness in this case and can actually cause more damage to windows than leaving them dirty.

By using the garden hose, you are allowing “tap” water to dry on your windows.  Since tap water contains minerals that will damage glass over time there is significant risk that you will do more harm than good. 

Professional window cleaning relies on soap and other cleaning substances to remove minerals from the glass and the residue is  “squeegeed” (I couldn’t resist the play on words) off the window. 

Of course, the most reliable action is to hire a professional window cleaner who will make sure that windows are clean and sparkling. 

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