We have heard horror stories about home owners who, wanting to save money, attempted to do their own 2nd story window cleaning and fell.  The result of most of these is serious injury but in one instance in Charlotte a couple of years ago the fall resulted in death.

Professional cleaners have scaffolding and the experience to set it up correctly.  Home owners typically use ladders, many of which are too short to reach the windows properly so the home owner is standing on the top rung and reaching to get the whole window.  This is an accident waiting to happen. 

We understand that for some the cost of cleaning windows can seem expensive and it looks cheap to do it yourself.  The risks just aren’t worth it.  If you’re laid up for several months before you can return to work, how expensive does professional window cleaning seem.

We would like to sell our services, but that’s not what’s important when home owners take a do-it- yourself approach to second story windows.  This can be truly dangerous and foolhardy if the right equipment is not used.  Each of us  (yes, myself included), has done some home maintenance that turned out to be more dangerous than we anticipated.  In my case, it turned out okay but it didn’t have to. 

I have friends that work in hospital Emergency rooms that provide a picture of home injuries in graphic detail and it’s not pretty.  Statistics bear out that most injuries happen in the home, generally while trying to do something that would be better left in the hands of a professional.

My advice for any homeowner considering doing their own second story windows, is to not take the risk.  The cost of a professional window cleaning service isn’t that expensive, expecially considering the cost and trauma of a serious injury.

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