This post was kindly written for us by our friends at Bellhops Moving

Your windows bring light into your home, help you to enjoy the beauty of the outside world, and ensure that you can always keep an eye on those pesky neighbors. Of course, if you want to get the most out of your windows, then the first thing you need to do is ensure that you’re keeping them clean!

While we all enjoy the scenery that our windows give us on a daily basis, many of us forget to give these portals to the outside world the care and attention that they deserve. Although cleaning your windows might seem like a tiresome job when you’ve just moved into a new home or even a new city, it’s something you should do as quickly as possible for the following 3 reasons.

1.     Aesthetics

Let’s face it, you want your new home to look spectacular. While that means that you’re probably going to take some extra time picking out the perfect paint colors and choosing the ideal furniture, it also means that you need to consider what your home is going to look like from the outside too. Dirty and grimy windows can degrade the entire appearance of your home, making it harder for people to appreciate its beauty.

Clean and spotless windows add a little extra shine to your windows, and they ensure that you’re drawing the eye to all the right places.

2.     Glass Degradation

Cleaning your windows is important for more reasons than you might think. Not only does clean glass look great, but it could potentially last longer too. You might not know this but maintaining your windows can ensure that the glass is less frequently exposed to chemicals and substances that might degrade its performance over time. Many people forget that glass is porous, which means that it is vulnerable to contamination, particularly when the winter comes with:

·         Rain
·         Storms
·         Wind
·         Sea spray
·         Oxidization

If your new home is located close to the sea, this can be particularly problematic, as the salty sea air can have a disastrous effect on windows over time.

3.     Heat Efficiency

Finally, poorly kept windows can also have an impact on your heat efficiency. Having dirt all over your windows – even if you don’t notice it straight away, could mean that you don’t get as much heat and light into your home from the sun. This means that you spend more money using your appliances and heating solutions when you could be taking advantage of natural options instead.

Cleaning your windows means that you can take full advantage of the outside world, and potentially reduce your energy bills at the same time!

When moving to a new home, there are always countless things to think about – particularly when you want to make the most of your new property. Make sure that you don’t overlook the importance of caring for your windows.