Do you ever see the ads on Facebook or Next Door “Will pressure wash any size home for $99”?  I see these ads every spring & summer. 

$99 sounds great until something goes wrong. I would say most, not all low-cost ads you see are posted by businesses are not licensed, bonded, or insured.

Maybe it is not a business at all, it could just be an individual trying to make extra money. Don’t get me wrong we all want to help our neighbor, however at the same time we need to protect ourselves. 

Making sure that anyone that does work at your home is properly insured should be very important to any homeowner. As a homeowner if anyone gets hurts or damages your property you are responsible. 

What if the technician falls off a ladder?  What if water gets in your outside outlet and shorts out the electrical system in your house or even worse a fire gets started? If the company is not properly insured, you as the homeowner will be liable.

The technician could even file your homeowner’s insurance for a medical claim if he was to get hurt on your property. Let’s be honest there are some people in this world, just waiting for this to happen or even planning it. I am writing this from one homeowner to another as I had this happen to me.

Do your research, verify insurance, and read reviews.  Any company with all 5 stars and no bad reviews beware. No business is going to make everyone 100% happy. We will save that topic for another blog. 

Thank you for reading.

Christina Burgin
President of Squeegee Pros, Inc