With spring just around the corner, you will encounter other companies that do what we do:

·      Window Cleaning
·      Pressure Washing
·      House Washing
·      Gutter Cleaning

So let’s take a moment to discuss “perception” and “reality”. Many window cleaning companies try to appear to their audience that they have it together when they really don’t.

1.   They say they have insurance but don’t have worker’s compensation. If someone falls or gets hurt on your property, they sue you.

2.   They say their price is $99.00 but once they’re in your home, it becomes a different story of intimidation and misconception to get you to pay more.

3.   They say their employees are background checked but are really not. Why? It costs money.

4.   They say their employees are drug tested but they’re really not. Why? It costs money they don’t want to spend.

5.   They say they will wash your screens but end up just brushing them off.

6. The list goes on and on depending on the company.

They will tell you all of these great things but when they show up to your home, the “perception” you had dissipates because they were not honest. They say anything and everything you want to hear so they can get the job and make that money, misleading you in price and in service. Unfortunately, that perception turns out to be something completely different. It becomes not about you, but about them.

Not the case with Squeegee Pros. We have branded ourselves as a leader in the community. A company customers know and trust for 21 years now. We are a company that spends almost $150 per person in background, driver, social media checks, and full panel drug tests before we hire someone to go into our home. Our interviews are not 10 minutes, but over an hour to help ensure we are hiring the right person. Our employees reflect on us as a company and we know it. We do performance reviews every 30 days vs every six months or in many companies like ours, probably not at all. Why? We want to help them become the best employee, technician, or manager they can possibly be.

We not only have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, but we are also bonded, and have umbrella policies in place to make sure we are covered and you are covered too.

All of these things cost money that many of our competitors don’t want to spend. So when Bucket Bob shows up to your house with the $100 window cleaning deal, think again. Ours may be $150 but you will get every dollar’s worth in service, professionalism, and value and just as important trust, knowing that you are protected from the beginning to the end of the job. What is that worth? The point is, we try hard to do it right and it costs money to do it right.

At Squeegee Pros, it really is about YOU and not us. You are our customer and we value that every single day. We do not take it for granted and know we have to be on our “A” game at every moment. You do not accumulate more “A” Ratings on Angie’s List than anyone else in the country (1,000+) unless you are doing things right. We take things here at Squeegee Pros very seriously. If we have a bad apple on our team, we are quick to address it and eliminate, one way or another.

Our job, our mission is to give you exactly what you are paying for at a fair and competitive price. We’ve been around for 21 years for a reason. We truly strive to be #1, being the best. This is why we stand out from the rest. And this is why we are the obvious one to call when you are ready for service. (704) 799-0313 is our number and SqueegeePros.com is our website. We hope to hear from you soon.