Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
It seems as though summer was just yesterday. Now that the colder weather has found its way in, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Winter as we know it is a time for resting and spending more time indoors compared to the summer months; we don’t want this spoiled by malfunctioning appliances and systems. Maintenance is the best method of preventing expensive repairs down the road. Before you get too deep into winter, make sure to run through some checklists to ensure a cozy and easy winter.

Get furnaces and heaters checked.
North Carolina, despite being a southern state, does have its cold days, especially at night. Checking up on your heater not only protects its longevity, it can also keep it running efficiently. Start by making sure its filter is replaced. Heating units also tend to collect dust and debris, so we suggest cleaning it at the start of every winter. And, last but not least, have it serviced by a technician, especially if its older. Your yearly home maintenance checklist should always include checking HVAC units!

Have your chimney inspected.
If you plan on burning wood in your fireplace this winter, don’t do so without making sure your chimney is up to shape first. Dirty or clogged chimneys can cause safety hazards when lighting fires in it. Have it cleaned and inspected for any damage this winter.

Clean your carpets.
The fibers in your carpet can trap germs, odors, and even allergens from the summer and fall months. Start fresh during the winter by having your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning removes all of the unwanted particles from your floor and leaves you with a clean and healthy home!

Check up on pipes.
One of the biggest threats to a home in the winter months are leaking and busted pipes that can be caused by pipes freezing and then cracking. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage which can be prevented by catching leaks early on. Leaks can be hard to detect sometimes, but some indicators include damaged flooring, ceiling stains, and puddles. Have these issues fixed immediately before they turn into expensive messes.

Clean out the fridge.
We often forget about the interior of our refrigerators until we’re forced to scrub it down after forgetting about some produce and letting it go rancid. Our refrigerators need some TLC without the incentive of rotting broccoli. Ditch expired condiments and organize the contents of what’s left. After that, clean out the crumbs, wipe down any spills, and disinfect. The delicious winter squash soup you made will thank you!

Clean windows.
The winter isn’t known for bright and sunny days. Bring in as much sunshine into your as possible during the bleak months by deep cleaning windows. Oftentimes, dirt, dust, and smudges can dull natural light and doing a deep cleaning of your windows will allow a brighter home year round. Adding this to your home maintenance schedule will make winters just that much more manageable.

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