Commercial Pressure Washing
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How will your customers or residents view your property? A clean, well maintained exterior is vital to making sure your customers or residents first impressions are good ones! Customers and residents will feel safer in an environment that is inviting and clean.

Keeping your business or property looking it’s best is one of the most important things that you can do. When it comes to commercial pressure washing service, you can count on Squeegee Pros to get the job done right.

Eradicate mildew and maintain looks and safety with our commercial pressure washing services

If your business is suffering from an overabundance of mold, mildew, algae, and other slimy and grimy substances, as well as dirty looks and unseeming care of your property, you could use the services of an experienced commercial pressure washer. Contrary to what you might think, effective commercial pressure washing can’t be done by just anyone with a pressure washer.

Squeegee Pros has years of experience in commercial pressure washing. We know how to help you maintain the look of your commercial property, while keeping all those who work and visit your property safe from possible slips, falls, and extraneous spray.

Commercial Pressure Washing for Safety

It’s true that one of the main benefits of commercial pressure washing is keeping your property looking good. No more dirty sidewalks, or moldering garbage cans. But did you also know that proper pressure washing is also vital to safety? No matter where your business is located, dirt and grime build up over time, especially on the exposed areas around your property. When left untreated for too long, that dirt and grime can become a slip and fall hazard, especially when the weather conditions turn wet. However, a freshly cleaned surface resists moisture, is free of mildew, and helps keep everyone around your commercial property safe and sound.

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Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services Include:


  • Parking lots
  • All Exterior Washing
  • Special Projects
  • Clean sidewalks
  • Drive thru area
  • Dumpster area
  • Patio area
  • Awning cleaning


  • Awning cleaning
  • Sidewalk Front
  • Dumpster area
  • Building exterior
  • Parking lots   
  • Special Projects
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Concrete & Oil Stains

Business Complex

  • Building exterior
  • Sidewalk Front
  • Concrete areas
  • Awning cleaning
  • Parking garage cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Fences/decks
  • Regular Maintenance

And while the cosmetic improvements to your business will astound you, there are also other specific reasons to have your commercial property pressure washed such as:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Gum removal
  • Oil buildup removal
  • Final construction cleaning


Experience the difference we can provide your business. Our professional and affordable commercial pressure washing services are enjoyed by restaurants, office buildings, institutions, apartment complexes, churches, schools and companies across NC and SC. Our company is licensed, insured and ready to talk to you about your specific needs.

Liability Protection

Depending on what kind of business you run, your building’s exterior could contain hazards for customers and employees. For instance, an automobile repair shop might have a slippery pool of engine fluids where customers could easily fall and hurt themselves. Even if you’re not the owner of a mechanical company, most businesses have a greasy, slippery dumpster zone. Failing to clean up this kind of area is like asking for a lawsuit. It’s only a matter of time before an employee or customer slips and falls and calls a lawyer. Pressure washing for commercial buildings can remove these dangerous areas by washing away any slippery substances. Protect yourself from lawsuits by regularly contracting with our pressure washing services to keep your building’s exterior in tip-top shape.

Commercial Maintenance Contracts

Many of our customers especially restaurants we service have our technicians come by monthly to pressure wash their patios, and less frequent but still on a schedule would include dumpster pads and sidewalks. Let us customize the perfect commercial pressure washing cleaning maintenance contract for you.

Construction Clean Up

We can help you keep your construction and post construction area clean with our high powered pressure washing.

Squeegee Pros specializes in tenant space preparation and concrete cleaning.
We are fully licensed and insured.

Residential Pressure Washing
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Residential Pressure Washing for Mooresville and Charlotte, NC Residents

Homeowners have an important responsibility to keep their house and property clean, from the roof over their head to the driveway connecting their garage to their street. Maintaining a clean appearance isn’t just important for the well-being of the occupants but for those who come for a visit and home buyers interested in purchasing the house if it ever goes to market. However, it can be difficult to thoroughly clean your house alone, especially without the right equipment and knowledge of how to properly clean it. For that reason, it’s in your best interest to call a professional power washing company to help you with the upkeep of your home.

So, if you ever need residential pressure washing in Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding area, you can place your trust in Squeegee Pros to get the job done! We’re completely bonded, insured, and licensed to clean homes and businesses alike. We strive to ensure your property receives the cleaning it needs to look its best. Our pressure washing contractors are professional, respect your privacy, and are the best around at cleaning homes.

Residential Pressure Washing for Mooresville, NC, and Beyond

Our pressure washing contractors service numerous locations throughout North and South Carolina. If your home is in the following locations and needs a thorough cleaning, call on Squeegee Pros for professional power washing services:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Cornelius, NC
  • Davidson, NC
  • Huntersville, NC
  • Statesville, NC
  • Fort Mill, SC
  • Rock Hill, SC
  • Tega Cay, SC

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Thorough Soft Wash House Washing for Mooresville, NC, Homes

Squeegee Pros’ expert cleaners are proficient in various cleaning methods, including soft washing. Unlike our pressure washing services, where the force of the water is the strength behind the cleaning, the solution we use during a soft wash house washing is responsible for most of the work. This trait makes it an excellent choice for more delicate surfaces that would normally be damaged by the high intensity of power washing.

Expert Concrete Pressure Washing in Mooresville, NC

Concrete patios and driveways can be an incredibly appealing component of your home, provided it is cleaned. The repeated use that concrete surfaces experience on a daily basis can be difficult to notice or appreciate until it has grown noticeably dirty. Thankfully, with the right tools and expertise, it can look as good as new. Whenever your home needs concrete pressure washing, you can count on the team at Squeegee Pros to do a thorough job.

Deck & Fence Cleaning for Mooresville, NC, Residents

Many homeowners surround their property with wooden fencing to prevent wildlife from entering and harming their well-maintained gardens. However, as with other features of your home, your fencing can still become dirty if you neglect it, degrading your home’s value as a result. That’s why you should entrust its cleaning to our fence pressure washing services!

Additionally, homeowners shouldn’t neglect their deck either. Ignoring the condition of your deck can leave it looking unsightly and drab, which you won’t want guests to see when you invite them over to the home for a gathering. Fortunately, Squeegee Pros’ residential pressure washing for Mooresville, NC, can handle deck cleaning as well!

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Washing in Mooresville, NC

The sidewalk and driveway of your home are some of the first things that guests and homebuyers see when they visit your home. However, even if your interior is immaculate and spotless, a filthy and poorly maintained sidewalk will leave a bad first impression on guests as they walk to your front door. To leave a good first impression on everyone who comes to your residence, it’s a good idea to keep those surfaces well-maintained. However, it can be difficult to clean them without the necessary experience. So, when it comes to driveway and sidewalk pressure washing, reach out to the trained experts at Squeegee Pros!

How do we price the job:

Squeegee Pros services are competitively priced and our estimates are calculated by the square footage of said surface or by the linear foot depending on what is quoted. The number is multiplied by ‘x’ cents to determine price. The ‘x’ cents is variable as it also depends on the complexity and dirt of surface to be cleaned. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies.

How to help prepare for our arrival:

  1. Please close and lock all windows.
  2. Please make sure all screens are intact.
  3. Move or remove any items from exterior of house you feel is appropriate whether for safety of technicians or safety of items.
  4. If you need help moving some items we would be glad to help.
  5. Please securely shut all doors including garage doors, storm doors, screen doors.
  6. Clear driveway as much as possible for our technician’s equipment convenience.
  7. To ensure our cleaner’s safety, please keep your pets with you or in a safe designated area during our visit to your home.

Things to know:

  • Preventative maintenance can save you money on future costly repairs
  • Curb appeal can add value to your home
  • Remove mold for the health and safety of those who live in your home or visit your home
  • Pressure washing treatments for a house and wooden decks or piers can last one to two years depending on the setting and elements.
  • We recommend that driveways and sidewalks be pressure washed annually to keep them looking clean and bright.

Impressions count and Squeegee Pros pressure and soft washing can help make your home or business get better curb appeal.

Trust in Squeegee Pros for Residential Pressure Washing in Mooresville, NC

Whether your home needs deck cleaning or fence pressure washing, know that our experienced team is prepared to help your house look a decade younger! Squeegee Pros has served residents in Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Statesville, and NC, and Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Tega Cay, SC, for many years, and we use that experience to offer exceptional cleaning services! In addition to our residential pressure washing around Mooresville, NC, we also provide a number of other home cleaning services. Some of Squeegee Pros’ additional home cleaning and maintenance offerings include but are not limited to: Have any questions about our many pressure washing services? Call Squeegee Pros today, and we’ll offer an answer! No matter what kind of home you live in or when it was built, you can rely on our cleaning team to make it clean once again!

Pressure Washing – A Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Home

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to clean any surface. It’s very easy to use and cheaper than more labor-intensive options like power washing or even renting a machine. Pressure cleaning is more environmentally friendly, the only byproduct of using it is water plus whatever soap you decide to add. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your home, vehicle, or outdoor furniture/grills, then pressure washing should be your go-to option!

Pressure cleaning is a process where you add soap to your water supply and add pressure by pushing out the water with a pump. The pressure going through the gun nozzle cleans any surface because it’s strong enough to break down dirt, grease, mold/mildew, and other organic matter that accumulates over time. Cleaning in this manner is a much easier way compared to power washing or using a machine that can be very difficult to use.

Pressure Washing Driveway
Pressure Washing Driveway

Types of Nozzles

There are several different types of nozzles but the most used is the fan-type nozzle which has many holes spread out in an array so that when it sprays it will cover more surface area at once. This type of nozzle allows for higher PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). You can get a variety of types of nozzles depending on your needs. The 0° nozzle sprays a fan-shape which is great for degreasing while the 15° nozzle sprays a 45° angle that gets into hard-to-reach areas which makes it perfect for cars, motor homes or even gutters/spouts.

When to Use Soap

If you’re going to be using any soap with your water supply, make sure you use biodegradable soap so as not to cause any harm to the surrounding area. For pressure cleaning to be truly effective against gunk buildup on any surface, it must have ample amounts of time to break down the matter so don’t rush the process. When you use it to clean your car, be sure to take off anything that might fly off during the process. Make sure the gun is securely fastened so you don’t injure yourself or anyone else by having it fly out of your hand!

If your surface is extra dirty and you’re using a larger nozzle, don’t use soap. For smaller nozzles that spray wider or more focused areas, adding soap to the water supply will help break down any matter clinging to the surface. Just add a few tablespoons of dishwashing soap and wait until it bubbles before applying pressure to the nozzle.

Pressure Washing with Gasoline powered Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer Mounted to Truck

Where to Buy Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are widely available for purchase at home improvement stores or online retailers like eBay or Amazon. Some people might think renting would be more affordable but keep in mind that you’ll need to buy detergent so if you’re planning on cleaning several surfaces at once it’s much cheaper just to buy one yourself.

Pressure Washing vs Standard Hose

The main appeal of power washing over regular old-fashioned methods is that it’s going to do the job faster. The downside is that there are a lot of risks involved, not just for the user but for surrounding buildings and people as well. Even without detergent in your water supply, there have been cases where pressure washing has caused damage to homes or other surfaces. This can be avoided if you follow procedure and use soap as explained above!

If you’re looking for any more information about power washing check out our website here! With so many options available to consumers today, which one should you choose? Our advice – educate yourself on all the products that exist and then decide which one will work best for your needs!

Pressure washing vinyl siding
Pressure washing vinyl siding
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