Here at Squeegee Pros, we strive to inform and educate each applicant of the many aspects and requirements of working for our company. We want to avoid any surprises for employees or potential sub-contractors so we have assembled this summary to give you a better idea of what is expected. After reading this summary, if you feel like this is the kind of place you would like to be a part of and proud to represent, please continue with the application process.

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If this opportunity doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, thank you for considering our company and good luck in your continued career search. Positions we hire for include Technicians (window cleaning and pressure washing), Outside Sales, Administrative, and Management. Here, we will focus on residential and commercial technicians. If applying for our other positions, please click here to apply.

Our window cleaning crews are made up of hard working, loyal, professional, safety minded, talented, enthusiastic, quality workers. They are customer service experts that can anticipate what the customer requires to be completely satisfied.

All of our residential uniformed technicians leave in wrapped company trucks (SqueegeeMobiles) from our facility in Mooresville, with all the tools needed to get the jobs done. They travel all over Charlotte and the surrounding area cleaning windows inside & out, gutters, and pressure washing of customers’ homes.

All of our commercial technicians meet at one of our offices for dispatch, also with all the tools needed to get the jobs done. They have specific close area routes in certain areas of town. However, that town could be anywhere in the region we cover. These areas are comprised of Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville, Asheville, Boone, Winston Salem, Raleigh, Monroe and anywhere in between.

All of our uniformed regional floater crews travel all over Charlotte and the surrounding area cleaning windows and pressure washing. These crews however can be sent out of town in company trucks anywhere east of the Mississippi working many of the national chains we have contracted with.

Our technicians work an average 40 hours a week, earning a performance percentage of what they complete (which can be quite substantial at times), and they have very flexible schedules. Working for Squeegee Pros also means much more than just a paycheck. Of course that’s the reason why you get a job in the first place but wouldn’t it be nice to know when you go to work you are receiving more than money. As a window cleaner you actually brighten people’s day. You are performing a service that people really do not like to do on their own and because of your training and learned ability, the customers are greeting you into their homes or businesses with a smile and letting you leave with their thanks and appreciation (and maybe even a tip!). By the end of each day you will have had at least a handful of compliments praising you as a person and your work as well.

This job also lets you experience living in a growing metropolis area. Meeting and conversing with all walks of life keeps the day full of learning experiences. You’ll develop friendship bonds with your co-workers that can continue to grow even if you move onto a new career path.

You’ll work for a management team that encourages and supports its employees to better themselves however they feel they need to. Squeegee Pros has stood by them all by writing letters of referral, loaning money, giving paid vacation time, giving life advice, providing health insurance, giving paid personal time, and bereavement time. We’ve had employees leave to continue their education and have welcomed them back whenever they had the time available to give us. We have had our employees move on to different jobs and have always left the door open for them to come back if they ever wanted to and some have. We understand that our technicians need to be happy with their lives in order for them to perform with excellence here. Because of that we offer our help to our employees in any way we are able. We understand that life is a balance.

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Benefits We Offer

How We Pay You

We pay our window cleaners on a “Performance-Based” pay system. After your initial training period, you will be paid a variable $ amount for each job, depending on the job size/level of difficulty. This is usually reflected by the price of each job. The bigger/more difficult the job/higher the price, the more money it is worth to the cleaner. How quickly you complete the job will determine the $/hr rate that you worked.

A company’s most important resource is its employees!
Squeegee Pros, Inc. is a successful, growing exterior building maintenance firm. We have built a solid reputation by consistently providing a service that is safe, effective and cost-efficient. We are always looking for energetic and eager individuals to join our team. Job opportunities are open for Managers, Sales and Marketing Personnel and Technician Field Specialists.

Please call our Office for employment opportunities at (704) 842-3585.
We are located at: 904 Brawely School Rd., Mooresville, NC 28117

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Basic Requirements of the Job

When customers pay us hundreds of dollars to clean their windows, they have certain expectations of what they are paying for. With these expectations and image to uphold, first impressions are everything. Good grooming is a very important aspect of our image. Combined with a positive attitude, a pleasant personality and a clean uniform, good grooming helps make the customer comfortable with the person performing the service, and the customer deserves that. For this reason, piercings, tattoos and body art must be able to be adequately covered or removed during business hours. Employees are expected to shower, have clean hair and wear deodorant, every day. This is non-negotiable and absolutely required to be accepted into someone’s home or business.

We have a smoke-free office and do not allow smoking on a job. If you can’t stop smoking (suggested), there are opportunities between jobs or during a break that you may smoke. This is allowed as long as you do not smell of smoke when you return to work. We suggest investing in a bottle of Febreeze and spraying yourself completely before returning to work. Customers can smell that you have been smoking even if you think they can’t. We recommend a nicotine patch or other nicotine alternative while working. The scent of smoke is not something our customers want to smell and many are sensitive or have allergic reactions to it. Also smoking is not permissible in any of our company vehicles. This is non-negotiable and also absolutely required to be accepted into someone’s home or business.

As stated earlier, customers deserve to be comfortable with who they have chosen to provide service for them. Squeegee Pros wants to be confident in the technicians it sends into someone’s home or business. Our employees do not have criminal backgrounds and are not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. For these reasons, employment with us is contingent upon passing a background check. We also reserve the right to conduct random drug tests. This is non-negotiable and absolutely required to be accepted into someone’s home or business.

A large majority of a technician’s time is spent working independently cleaning windows. Sometimes it is beneficial to have two or more people work together on a job that day. You will be expected to work together equally in order to get the work done.

At Squeegee Pros, we are willing to invest our time and effort into training you, without any prior experience, to be a Window Cleaning Technician and more. The learning process is ongoing but it will conservatively take 90 days to be fully trained on all aspects of the trade. At that point, most window cleaners are averaging $15-$35 per hour and more (determined by our Daily Production Value tracking). In return for our investment, we ask that you sign a non-compete agreement.

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