Fall is in the air.  As the weather changes and leaves start reflecting their fall colors and falling it is a great time to consider getting your gutters cleaned.   

Some Key benefits to regularly having your gutters cleaned:

1. Prevents water damage. Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks that damage ceilings, walls, fascia board, etc.

2. Eliminates leaves, twigs, etc., that serve as nesting places for pests.

3. Water from clogged downspouts can cause soil erosion

4. Helps to prevent floods in basements

5. Helps with the life span of the gutters and overflow from staining fascia board.

Frequency of gutter cleaning matters too. The more trees and leaves, the more gutter cleaning. If you clean the gutters yourself or hire an outside company consider three cleanings in the year: Spring, Fall, and Winter being most appropriate for heavy foliage in the fall. 

Our gutter cleaning service experts do a great job of cleaning the gutters out by hand and bagging all the debris.  In addition, they make sure the downspouts are unclogged and flowing properly.   

Give us a call at (704) 799-0313 ext. 1 and one of our friendly office staff would be happy to get you on the schedule.