How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

gutters filled with fallen leaves

Cleaning your gutter is just one of those home tasks that no one looks forward to doing. It’s messy and frustrating. Yet, making sure your gutters are clean is essential to your home. Everything from your yard to your roof can be affected by your gutters, so the best way to ensure that no damage comes to them or other areas is to keep your gutters clean and clear. 

If you are asking yourself, when should I clean my gutters? Here are some ways to make sure your gutters are clean and operating correctly. 

When Should I Clean My Gutters?

You should clean gutters about twice a year. However, depending on the type of trees you have around your home, and the season, you may need to clean as often as every three months. 

Pine trees are especially frustrating for gutters, especially in autumn. Their small needles fall in bucketfuls and can back up a gutter in a short time. You should consider cleaning more often if you have them near your home. Fall is a time when your gutters will get clogged the fastest. Make sure during autumn that you are routinely checking your home’s gutters to ensure that no backups have occurred.

Another time that you should check for backups is after heavy rainfall. You would think rain would help clogged gutters, and sometimes it does, but it can cause more blockage since it brings down leaves and sticks. After a heavy rain or thunderstorm, you should always check your gutters and ensure they are in good condition. 

Home Improvement

Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of home improvement. Everyone wants a clean-looking and nicely presented home. If you start noticing that your gutters look muddy and gross, you should consider hiring a professional to help. Many risks come with leaving your gutters unattended for prolonged periods.

Risks of Overflowing Gutters 

While it may not seem like a big deal to ignore the condition of your gutters, many issues can form quickly and are costly to repair afterward. If your home is experiencing problems like leakage and bug infestation, these could all be the results of overflowing gutters.

Here are some risks you should be aware of when gutter systems haven’t been properly maintained: 

  • A leaking roof. If your gutters are overflowing, they could be pooling up on top of your roof, which could end up causing a lot of roof damage. If there is even the slightest hole in the shingles, the water could seep in and increase that damage to something even more serious.  
  • A flooded basement. Even though it seems odd that your gutters may have something to do with your basement, water coming over the sides of the gutters can damage your basement and foundation. This could lead to significant structural damage to the residence.
  • Unwanted pests. No one likes the idea of bugs in their home. With overflowing gutters, mosquitoes can breed in the water, and ants can live in the debris and make their way into your house.
  • Driveway damage. The constant water pools resulting from the overflow can eventually cause mold growth on your driveway. Mold is extremely dangerous to your health and can eat away at the concrete or cement. Not only is it tough to deal with, but it is also very expensive to repair. 

However, it is good to look for a professional to help remove it quickly if this occurs. Here at Squeegee Pros, our pressure washing in Mooresville, NC, can get the job done for the best price possible!

Keep it Clean 

How often you clean your gutters is up to you. But it is important to remember that it is essential to keep your home clean. Everyone loves a clean-looking home or business. It presents quality and care. We at Squeegee Pros are dedicated to helping you achieve that. That’s why we offer services for your home and business, including, but not limited to, pressure washing, house washing, and storefront window cleaning so your building can shine.