Selling a home is all about attracting and impressing prospective buyers. Landscaping and outdoor features such as pools, patios and decks can attract the eye of homebuyers looking to make the most of warm summer temperatures. It is also great for the homeowner who does not have to contend with removing leaves or snow from walkways and paths before a visit. What can homeowners do to give themselves an edge during summer months when selling a home?

Regular maintenance and sprucing up the outside of a home can add curb appeal and boost value of a home. These maintenance tips help homeowners get optimal value for their investment.

Clean Your Gutters

You get top dollar for your home when you take the time to maintain it. Clogged gutters can create an eyesore and encourage the growth of plants and mold. Gutters are designed to collect rain and distribute the water away from the house. If gutters are not allowed to do what they are designed for due to clogs or damage, residential homeowners may have to deal with problems including:

  • Home damage to the roof, basement and foundation of a home.
  • Mold formation.
  • Pest infestations from vermin such as ants, mice, mosquitoes, squirrels and more.

All of these issues can be a reason for a homeowner to reduce the price on a selling property. In addition, homeowners will need to lay out additional money to repair structural issues, roof shingles or address a pest problem. Pest infestations are known to result in a significant drop in property value when it comes time to sell a property. Taking the time to clean and repair existing gutters or having our Squeegee Pros team do it for you can reduce the chances of significant water damage to a property or a pest problem.

Freshen Up the Outside

The majority of homebuyers want to feel like they can move right in to a home without having to deal with making significant changes or repairs to the inside or outside of the home. The thing is, buyers aren’t really looking for fixer-uppers as much as TV shows might suggest, and, when they do, they’re typically the side benefiting from the transaction. Discolored lawns, cracked and moldy sidewalks, and dirty windows, siding and decks give a prospective homebuyer more work to do and may decrease how much you can get for your home. In addition, these issues can make a home look old and ill-maintained which can trigger homebuyers to more thoroughly investigate a home as they consider it for purchase.

Easy ways to freshen up the exterior is with a new coat of paint to doors and exposed wood, pressure washing decks and porches, washing siding and windows, and regularly mowing and maintaining lawns and landscaping features. According to the National Association of Realtors, pressure washing can increase the value of your home by as much as $15,000. Summer is also the best time to highlight the outdoor living space of a home. Stage those outdoor BBQ and large decks and patios and invite prospective buyers to envision themselves gathering with friends and family. These tips give your home that necessary appeal to attract prospective buyers and get more from your sale.

Take Care of the Lawn and Landscaping

Keep the lawn green and cultivate aesthetically-pleasing plants around the home. Those looking to sell during the summer should regularly mow the lawn and water it to avoid dealing with a burnt lawn. Attend to dry patches and holes as they might be the sign of pests. As for the garden, remove any dead or dying plants, weed the flower beds and give summer plants plenty of loving care and attention. This is the time of the year to make the most of flowering plants but it is also a period when homeowners must mow quickly-growing lawns and trim hedges and landscaping features. All of the green and well-cared for foliage will add to a home’s appeal. As most real estate agents suggest, stage your home for the season, starting from the outside in.

Get Help to Maintain Your Home

Maintaining a home takes time and effort. Squeegee Pros gives you the hand you need to keep your home in tip-top shape for prospective homebuyers. We offer gutter cleaning services, window washinghouse washing, exterior gutter brightening, deck, dock, fence and hardscape pressure-washing, driveway and sidewalk pressure washing and more.

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