When thinking about getting a house wash, for most of us, the first thing that comes to mind is vanity. It looks nice and it’s clean. People notice. 

What we don’t think about are the more important reasons beyond curb appeal. Having your home pressure washed protects your family from irritants and allergens that can creep through from the outside. These allergens can become the cause of sickness and allergies that never seem to go away. 

Another reason to consider a house wash is if you plan to re-paint your home. You may not need to. Squeegee Pros washes 100 or more homes per month and a percentage of them thought they needed to paint their home and was getting it ready for the painters. Then we came in and pressure washed and the homeowner was like “Wow, I don’t need to paint after all.” 

What about frequency? Squeegee Pros’ supervisor, Brian says “a once a year bath for your home is optimal to keep the allergens at bay and the unsightly mold from getting out of hand. If you live at the beach or on a lake where salt spray or spider webs are more prevalent, consider a twice per year bath for your home.”

Damage to the outside of your home can happen over time as mold and moisture sits on the surface. It begins to eat away at the surface. Here at Squeegee Pros we are ready and available to help prevent the issues! We have and use the latest technology soft wash machines and cleaning agents for a beautiful sparkling clean home.

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