What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Professional Christmas (Holiday) Lights Installer?

Anyone who plans to hire someone to do Christmas lights shouldn’t blindly pay for the first business they find. Instead, it’s in your best interest to ask them questions about their services to learn if they’re a good fit for your lighting installation. Let’s review five of the questions you should ask a holiday lighting company before hiring them to help with your decorations.

Light Installations Cost

When you hire someone to do Christmas lights, you obviously have to pay them for their service. As a result, the price for their installation should be one of the first questions you ask. The cost for professional light installations can vary by company, but also by factors such as the type of lighting and the size of your property — the larger it is, the more time, effort, and lighting it will take to decorate it. Discussing these costs will help you determine whether a company falls within your desired budget.

You should also pay attention to how much or how little a company says they’ll charge you for a Christmas light setup. If they ask you to pay more than half the fee upfront, be very wary — it could be a sign they don’t have the funds to start working on your installation without a large payment. Conversely, look out for low-priced services. While lower costs can save you money, it may also be an indicator of cheap quality lighting.


Installing outdoor Christmas lights can be dangerous. Electrical hazards from the lighting, falling off ladders, and slipping off icy roofs can result in serious injuries — this is a major reason why people hire someone to do Christmas lights, but it is still dangerous nevertheless. As a result, asking a company whether or not their workers are properly insured is one of the most important questions you should ask. If an employee hired by the installation company isn’t insured and is injured while on the job, they may sue the homeowner. For everyone’s sake, it’s better to be safe than sorry and ensure the business has the necessary insurance.

Light Options

What kind of Christmas lights does the company use? Having multiple customization options for your lighting design allows them to decorate your home in a unique way that makes the most of its distinct features and landscaping. However, and perhaps more importantly, asking an installation company about what lights they use will provide insight into their quality. Some lighting options are cheaper than others, and businesses that use commercial-grade lights are less likely to break.


Post-installation problems with your outdoor holiday lighting can happen no matter how skilled the installer is. You’ll want to have the repairs taken care of quickly before relatives come for the holidays and so that your lighting display can remain beautiful throughout the season — but if a light breaks or there’s an electrical issue, will the installation company be willing to fix it? When you hire someone to do Christmas lights, always ask them if they provide maintenance and repairs. If they refuse to fix the lights on your home, then they may be cheap and susceptible to breaking.


One of the best ways to learn if you should hire someone to do Christmas lights is by hearing what past clients have to say about their light hanging service. Ask an installation business for references of their previous holiday decorating projects, as client testimonials can give you a better understanding of their competency and reliability as installers.

If you’re searching for someone to help with your Christmas light setup this holiday season, you can always count on Squeegee Pros. In addition to professional lighting installations, we also offer residential window washing, gutter cleaning services, and other forms of home cleaning and improvement. Give us a call today to learn more and to schedule your service appointment!