All of us at some point we all must hire a company or a contractor to perform work on our home. There are several steps you should follow when looking for a company. 

1.    Get multiple bids.  With this being said, do not always go with the cheaper price. You get what you pay for most of the time.  Price can depend on if a company has insurance or employees. 

2.    Get your estimate in writing. Also consider, it is an estimate and prices may change depending on the situation. Here at Squeegee Pros we do most of our estimating over the phone and/or internet, so our estimates are verified upon arrival. 

3.    Check reviews. Never go with a company that has all postive reviews as no one is perfect and this should be seen as a red flag if they do. But at the same time, if all the reviews are negative, well then most of us move on. Primarily positive with a handful of less than 5 Star reviews make for a good mix. This way you know the company and the reviews are for real and not manipulated. Our company has great reviews but we have some negative reviews in there as well. 

4.    Get a scheduled date and time. We stay booked out about two weeks so be prepared for that. Most reputable companies are booked several weeks out. That’s a good sign! They are busy.

5.    Read the terms and conditions. This includes the warranty and the financial terms. Things like how many days to do I have to pay or is there a late fee. What is the guarantee if things don’t look right? Do I need to call by a certain time?

6.    Once the company or contractor arrives go over the estimate again and get any changes in writing. 

7.    Once the project is completed, do a walk around. Make sure everything is complete as stated in the estimate and sign off that the project is done. We are 100% paperless and everything is done by our mobile tablets, so our customers can pay on-site as well. 

These are just 7 simple steps to make your project goes a little smoother as we all know projects can become a headache. At Squeegee Pros, we follow these steps for all of our services from windows to roof washing to pressure washing to gutter cleaning

Christina Burgin, President of Squeegee Pros, Inc.

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